Learners' Permit
Essential info before you sew
This 18 page PDF teaches you the fundamentals of sewing. From setting up a sewing machine to sewing your first line of stitching. Full of helpful tips and written for learners from a young age, plain language is used to slowly introduce sewing terminology.

Topics covered:
Machine Parts
Threading Basics
Tools of the Trade
Let's Sew!


Stretch Permit
Working with stretchy fabrics
This 11 page PDF introduces  stretchy fabrics and how to sew them on different machines. Written for beginners, the Stretch permit prepares you for sewing your first stretchy project.

Topics covered:

Stretch Fabric
Sewing Stretch
Stretch Patterns


Embellishments Permit
Non-functional fabric additions
Learn about decorative notions, applique and embroidery to add to your sewn projects. Written for beginners, find 10 pages full of info and tips about each topic including helpful machine feet to make sewing easier.

Topics covered:



Wovens Permit
Working with non-stretchy fabrics
Cover the basics of sewing with non-stretchy fabrics. From fabric types to needles used for heavy duty sewing. This is a 9 page must read for new sewers to understand the basics of working with fabrics before sewing.

Topics covered:

Woven Fabrics
Working with Wovens
Finishing Edges


Interfacing Permit
Adding stability to fabric
In just 8 pages, the intimidating topic of interfacing is summed up in easy to understand terms. Included is a valuable comparison chart of current options that makes a handy addition to any sewing room wall.

Topics covered:

What is interfacing?
Interfacing Chart
Using Interfacing


Notions Permit
Functional fabric additions
Learn about notions that are used to open & close fabrics for functional use. Includes simple lessons on sewing zippers, buttons and using press studs (snaps).
We recommend doing this 10 page permit with the Garments Permit.

Topics covered:

Sewing Notions


Garments Permit
Fitting fabric to the human body
Getting to know how to fit a garment, choosing the right pattern for the job and reading a clothing pattern are all vital to sewing clothing sucessfully.
The Garments Permit is a 14 page must-read before sewing clothing.

Topics covered:
Understanding Fit
Using Patterns

What's inside?
Each licence is a lesson
There is something for everyone from learners to the more experienced sewer looking to branch out into other areas of sewing than they are used to.
Find tips, info and general guides to give you the basic outline of each skill. From there you can practice and research further on the topics that interest you.
At the end of each document is a licence for you to print. These are great for giving new sewers a sense of achievement as they work towards a new skill.

These 7 sewing Permit Licences are free for you to use at home or
share in a face-to-face social sewing group or use at a public school.
 They are not to be used as learning material in paid sewing lessons.

Click the red "Download" button next to the Licence you wish to download.
The Licence will open in a preview window in your internet browser.
Then click the "Save" button at the top of the PDF to save for later.
After completing the Learners' Permit, any of the six
S.E.W.I.N.G Permits can be completed in any order.

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