Learn to sew and earn your S.E.W.I.N.G Licences

Learning to sew has never been easier. With the new Learner & S.E.W.I.N.G licences you can learn to sew at home whenever you have time.

The licences make learning fun and easy for kids or adults. Plain language is used to slowly introduce sewing terminology.
Start with the LEARNERS' permit, then move on to any of the other six Licences.

The licences do not need to be completed in any particular order. Finish the licences to learn more about the sewing skill areas that interest you.

Each licence is filled with information and practical exercises that will prepare you for using a sewing pattern.

Pick a free pattern from the Pattern Orchard

Each of the Pattern Orchard brand patterns has been specifically written for learners with no sewing experience. Each pattern teaches a different sewing skill.
Inside a learning pattern you will find more detail than a regular pattern.

Filled with TIPS and extra little details to make your first sewing projects a success!

Complete the recommended sewing permits before starting each pattern, so you have all the info you need to make a great start on your sewing journey.

Sewing is a skill for life!